Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Some Nana comics for my boyfriend

So, these are part of a little book I did for my boyfriend in departure for Vancouver. As you can see, this time the layout is different (to fit the book size) and it's all hand colored. There are different styles (characters white and colored bg or all colored) Let me know if you like them better or not, that might be a new style direction to take in the future :)

Bear..................Italian Snowboard
-> in Italy we call a Snowboard a Table for Snowboard (as well as a Surfboard is a Table for Surf)
Bear: My pronunciation is not good for sure.... but even after he get what I say, he likes to make fun of me ;P
-> here me making the silly. And this time the fish is Kym :D
Macedonia: sometime I have a very colorful way to explain stuffs... and that doesn't really depend by the language I'm speaking :P
I don't think this one really need of a comment...


jlebourhis said...

Morena! Ciao! I told you I was going to comment your comics and here I am.
First I must say that I prefer the ones where the characters are colored versus the ones where only the backgrounds are. I think that your characters deserve the colors more than the rest. They are the main attraction :)
Secondly, I really like the palette of colors in general except for one in particular, the one with the yellow background and orange steps. The yellow is too strong in my opinion, too flashy. It burns my eyes! ;)
On a strong point, I see that you are refining the look of your characters, there's a nice evolution in your style. The facial expressions convey the right emotions and they do it well. I love the poses the characters take, very cute!
Keep up the good work, it's the most charming comic out there!

Emmie said...
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