Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This is for my work blog Dusk 'Till Drawn, for the theme 'Pok√©mon evolution of yourself'. I always had simpathy for Jigglypuff the way he's totally in his dream world, loves to sing with a marker (which thinks its a microphone) making up he's on this stage. But pour him! His song has the effect of a mermaid which make anybody around falling asleep, and he interpret that as an insult. So he gets his revenge, drawing over their faces! So funny. 
Well,  I do wear a LOT of pink, i love to sing, I am in my fairy world most time and I'm definitely an emotional person. Quite a fit for Jigglypuff!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

3D comper's gf

This is about what happen to my friend's girlfriend, which he works as a compositor on FX movies here in Toronto, when she come to visit him in Toronto.

Questo e' quello che praticamente e' successo alla ragazza del mio amico che lavora come compositore di scene nei film con effetti speciali, quando e' venuta a visitarlo qui a Toronto.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

How are you?

When somebody ask you How are you?/ How is going? in Canada, most of times is just another (super kind) way to say Hello. Italians don't get it. Even after a number of years living here, I still fall in the trap and I start to list what's bugging me or the things that just made me happy!

Quando in Canada qualcuno ti chiede Come stai? Come va? La maggior parte delle volte e' semplicemente un'altra maniera (estremamente gentile) di dire Ciao. Gli Italiani non lo capiscono. Anche dopo numerosi anni che vivo qui, cado ancora nella trappola ed inizio a raccontare le cose che mi stanno dando noia, o quelle che mi hanno recentemente resa felice!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olimpics 2012

Ok, I've been told the CANADA comic is not universally understandable, so here the explanation.
It starts from an inside joke I had with Kerri back in Montreal (the kettle -maybe I'll write about it in the future)  and went following this morning with my colleagues at work (Paul in brown, Alistar in Green and Mike in Blu)while we were reading the Olimpic games medal scores. With Teapot I'm referring to Curling (because Canadians are about the best in this sport and italians generally don't know what it is) and Alistar is -although correcting me- feeling the rush to play watching me acting the tipical gesture, with whatever he find in his hands -in this case a broom-.

I'll try to post more funny episodes in 1 strips format  in order to keep this blog updated with funny episodes, and they're done quick and badly as I try to take advantage of the momentum.

Early Beer

This is for Jeremy's last day of work, I made confusion about when he was calling for drinks and here I made up what I was calling for ;-)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

New Citizenship Test

hahah well, was not THAT difficoult, but I got caught making this joke which I though worth to share ;-)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nana go GREEN! 1 -Recycling paper

I want to start a series of comics that can help sesibilization about waste, pollution etc.
So here the first one: 
"Save the trees! Using recycled products equals more oxygen for everybody!"

Saturday, February 18, 2012


How to cook Raccoon: it was on an edition about 20 years old, here some example. The last version of the Joy of Cooking that I owe (2008 edition) doesn't have any recipes for small games either than rabbits.
Cooking Raccons is not illegal, but dangerous. In the area of Toronto (not sure all Ontario as it's a huge region) you cannot kill a Raccoon, and this law is not made for their safety but for YOUR. Apparently these animals carry many deseases that nobody wants to deal with, not even veterinarians. So you need to call animal control to get rid of these that are destroying your garden or roof. Too bad, they look so cute! but yes, they are pests.
Anyway! Talking about the beaver, it was the first economical reason that moved Europeans to do businesses with the natives, because of the fur trade. Here some more info. 
But most importantly! Now I know the double meaning of BEAVER!!!! If I was a boy I would agree it's an amazing National symbol :-D

BF at the time of FB

It still shock me, sometime, how now days personal communication become so impersonal, open and still less connected to people that really matter to us as it was before.
How many times we get ask to give updates and we simply reply: Don't worry, I'll write it on Facebook as soon as it happen!
but we're not anymore actually updating with our friends directly, if they happen to check the wall frequently they might get it, otherwise not. We end-up forgetting how we were used to take our time to talk directly to our relatives and friends and expect them to follow us on the net, as if we become suddenly some star that have fans following them. I'm guilty first then all, being in another country, forgetting to write personal e-mail updates, barely calling my relatives and friends. I still prefer to update in person when I go to see them, during the most of my travels.
Doing school always in another town and moving frequently because of work I become more and more independent and less involved with real people. I guess we're all better version of ourselves on the net.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

After my absence - New year though.

Yes, I'm back with few comics (below)
I didn't post for long time, because even if these comics look really simple, they take me lots of time to be done. 
I also though for a while to make a little comic book out of my adventures. This was when I had big dreams and ambitions.But what I have learn lately is, the things that people smile at, are not necessarily what they would buy. Yes I know that an hard copy of nana might actually make the day of my fans #1 that even own the 1st Nana comic gallery in their house in Australia. Ring at the bell with the same surname of my boyfriend;-)
Anyway, I'll go on when I can (I have many raw comics to clean up), simply for entertaining my friends and keep on my hobbies as I really need to be creative and put all this energy in some funny project for my spare time. 

I know you didn't expect a real life note on this funny blog, but indeed this is still a blog, and I need to write somewhere what I saw in the last few years. That often enthusiasm is perceived as a treat, that not all the artistic passion is shared, that liking cartoons is still un-cool, that learning to speak few other languages is easy while being able to communicate and understand is all another story, but being able to live free and learn new things every day and be able to have spare time to put on the own projects and hobbies and talent and whatever makes you happy and enriches as a person, it's absolutely amazing and if doesn't bring me money I don't care, it's still a huge part of myself and I'm not going to loose it because the surrounding is all gray. I'll sparkle the colors. For who blend with the most convenient, passion-less and tired life, is their loss.

Useful Boyfriend

This is again referred to when I just moved to Toronto.
First I moved in Feb 2009, and Kym couldn't come here with me because at that time he was still working under a Work visa, so he had to go on working in Vancouver until in July he finally got a job over here. So, this is what happen in the first few days of his arrival... And nobody can tell I don't have the best boyfriend!


This is a good oldie of when I just moved to Toronto, and I was doing some shopping with Anna

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween

This is the comic that I'm going to give to the people of my neighborhood during Halloween night, because WE"RE GOING FOR TRICK OR TREATING! For more info read the comic, it's pretty accurate, just a bit more colorful than reality. 

 If you'd like to have a printable resolution already set up to get a booklet, please contact me directly. 

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grocery in Quebec

Yes, so much time since the last publishing... Life got really busy, but I'll try to go back in track.
As Thailia said, after reading these comics, you can say to already know us.
Then I don't want to private all the dear friends from following these stories.
A intermission comic is the good way to re-start the Nana's adventures, back then in beginning 2008, before leaving Montreal with Kym.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Greatings to Vancouver

And that is for closing Vancouver Chapter.
New Nana comics soon!

Un po' di spiegazioni per gli italiani... Vancouver e'conosciuta per essere molto piovosa. E cosi', quando ho deciso di seguire Kym, mi sono detta: "Beh, basta che mi prenda un paio di stivali da pioggia trendy, un bell'ombrello (viola come piace a me) e un impermeabile. Saro' troppo carina!!!" Peccato che di pioggia non se ne sia vista poi molta...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Canadian's Garden

Wow, this is my last Nana comic about Vancouver...
Don't worry, there will be new ones about holidays in Italy and then finally in Toronto.
So, the background is about my landlords in Vancouver, which the guy was taking often time off to go camping and hunting. They actually shared with us some elk and moose steak and that was a quite unique experience for me.

Ultima vignetta riguardo Vancouver! Ma non preoccupatevi, ci saranno nuove storie italiane e torontiane!!!
La storia di oggi si riferisce ai miei padroni di casa di Vancouver. Il ragazzo trascorreva i suoi giorni di ferie andando a fare campeggio e caccia sulle montagne rocciose in Alberta e BC.
Ogni volta tornava a casa con un'alce o cervo canadese e ne faceva delle bistecche da consumare nel resto dell'anno. Le corna per legge non possono essere buttate via prima di un mese. Non so bene il motivo ma immagino che sia per via del controllo sulla decomposizione. Beh, buona lettura!