Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I Got Tagged!!!
And here my answer ;)
Pascal tagged Joel here,
while Joel tagged me here.
And here the lucky new tagged friends:
Anna, Shane, Luca, Rick, Erica, Federico

NEWS: Rick answered here in a very artistic page, while Shane posted his one on his website here.


jlebourhis said...

Hahahaha! Love the one about the pokemon faces because it's true!
And the parmigiano tidbit ... you converted my girlfriend and then me ... but I sometimes sin with the old Kraft parmesan when I'm lazy :S ... sorry!

Morena P said...

Without talking about the sudden interest shown by my friends in backing Tiramisu, make fresh pasta and gelato with their OWN machine, and ravioli party ;)

Anna Gopin said...

super funny!!
Great job Morena!! And thanks for tagging :)

Morena P said...

Thanks Anna, but I still didn't see your answer to this!!!!
Looks like my Tagged friends are too lazy, or too busy, or didn't understand what they had to do :S