Saturday, October 11, 2008


That's happen a morning I was paniking late for work...


Kerri said...

Ahhh, so that's how Kym keeps so trim! The headphone diet =)

Love the new font! Well done =)

Morena P said...

Yep! Now everybody knows Kym's secret!
I got a very good hint for the font in one of the other comments, I'm glad somebody said his opinion!
Hey, are you ready for halloween? That is my nextone! :D

Anonymous said...

Kym has graduated from a diet of raw spaghetti to electrical cabling.
No wonder he is still like a bean pole.

moustapha said...

Hi Morena,

I read your comics everytime you post a new one, I would like to see more !!!

Please??? :D

Morena P said...

Said... done ;)

Moustapha said...

Thank you Morena !

I enjoy them very much !

( And I too speaks bad english ;) )

Morena P said...

Thanks for showing such interest, it push me to deliver these comics more often ;)