Thursday, September 18, 2008

How a Nana comic born

#1 ... things happen, we laugh enough and here we have something worthing for a Nana comic.
#2. Drawing the Idea of it!!! I have very short memory and not really keeping myself enough active about that, so I need a little block notes to keep the idea inside for a future comic.

#3 Sketch it. Lately I am doing many pencils on the bus, and I can say that it's a great way to produce something, as I always try to save time in any possible way. If you think at a bus, is not driving that nicely, but it makes a lot of stops ;)
That, and I finished to see some TV series recorded on my portable video reader...

#4 Trace it and scan it. At the beginning I was simply drawing on the pencils, or even directly with the pen, and just fixing with photoshop. When I was in the studio there were eventually lighting table to use, and since then has become more painful, because I had to trace the draw on the windows, during light time... So I did some of them directly in Photoshop again. Last trick that I am using are tracing paper. they work very well, but the line is thicker... And for the tracing pen I used different kind as you can notice...

#5 Photoshop! I move the characters to fit them with the text, cleaning up the draw, reuse what i can, scale some not proportioned character ... basically making it cuter. After that I use a filter to have a more liquid ink feeling. And here I have to fix a lot again because I loose some line here and there... After that, it's just about turning the black into brown and that's it.
I know, so much work for a so simple look comic! Please, forgive me, I'm just unable to draw all directly in Photoshop, as Pascal Colpron does.


Justin said...

i would recommend a different type treatment, the blocky slab serif does not match your drawings, and its kinda floating.

Morena P said...

Hey Justin, thanks for write a good critic! (Finally, somebody that help me out to improve my comic)
Ok, so for the font it's a Courier new, bold. It has been chosen because I could do my comics by home and by work on different machines and frequent formattings, without worring of havig a special font installed. I know it's a classic, but it actually look to me more funny than a Arial or a Verdana. I'll avoid to death the times new roman!
Do you have a specific idea of which font you would see better?
oh, I really want to avoid baloons, but I'll try to make the text more compact somehow.
Just out of interest, how did you find out of my comics? I also gave a look to your blog, you have a really nice style. Is that part of your job?

Justin said...

i just graduated from a graphic design course in Winnipeg, but illustration has always been front and centre interest-wise. I am working at a design studio, but constantly doodling 24/7.

For the your comics type, i hear ya on the conflicting font issues, (annoying stuff) but i would recommend, as a great resource for fonts, (easy access too), and it will have something that looks a little more hand drawn, should fit great with your comics-

really dig the pieces in your other blog as well, great style, ill be sure to keep an eye on your posts!

Kerri said...

Ha ha!

You forgot to mention how a lot of the drawings begin on a napkin in a restaurant :P :P :P

Miss you!!

Morena P said...

Right! I forgot to mention that! Ank thanks Kerry to help me to have so much material for my comics :D I miss you too!