Sunday, January 1, 2012

After my absence - New year though.

Yes, I'm back with few comics (below)
I didn't post for long time, because even if these comics look really simple, they take me lots of time to be done. 
I also though for a while to make a little comic book out of my adventures. This was when I had big dreams and ambitions.But what I have learn lately is, the things that people smile at, are not necessarily what they would buy. Yes I know that an hard copy of nana might actually make the day of my fans #1 that even own the 1st Nana comic gallery in their house in Australia. Ring at the bell with the same surname of my boyfriend;-)
Anyway, I'll go on when I can (I have many raw comics to clean up), simply for entertaining my friends and keep on my hobbies as I really need to be creative and put all this energy in some funny project for my spare time. 

I know you didn't expect a real life note on this funny blog, but indeed this is still a blog, and I need to write somewhere what I saw in the last few years. That often enthusiasm is perceived as a treat, that not all the artistic passion is shared, that liking cartoons is still un-cool, that learning to speak few other languages is easy while being able to communicate and understand is all another story, but being able to live free and learn new things every day and be able to have spare time to put on the own projects and hobbies and talent and whatever makes you happy and enriches as a person, it's absolutely amazing and if doesn't bring me money I don't care, it's still a huge part of myself and I'm not going to loose it because the surrounding is all gray. I'll sparkle the colors. For who blend with the most convenient, passion-less and tired life, is their loss.

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