Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Olimpics 2012

Ok, I've been told the CANADA comic is not universally understandable, so here the explanation.
It starts from an inside joke I had with Kerri back in Montreal (the kettle -maybe I'll write about it in the future)  and went following this morning with my colleagues at work (Paul in brown, Alistar in Green and Mike in Blu)while we were reading the Olimpic games medal scores. With Teapot I'm referring to Curling (because Canadians are about the best in this sport and italians generally don't know what it is) and Alistar is -although correcting me- feeling the rush to play watching me acting the tipical gesture, with whatever he find in his hands -in this case a broom-.

I'll try to post more funny episodes in 1 strips format  in order to keep this blog updated with funny episodes, and they're done quick and badly as I try to take advantage of the momentum.

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