Saturday, February 18, 2012


How to cook Raccoon: it was on an edition about 20 years old, here some example. The last version of the Joy of Cooking that I owe (2008 edition) doesn't have any recipes for small games either than rabbits.
Cooking Raccons is not illegal, but dangerous. In the area of Toronto (not sure all Ontario as it's a huge region) you cannot kill a Raccoon, and this law is not made for their safety but for YOUR. Apparently these animals carry many deseases that nobody wants to deal with, not even veterinarians. So you need to call animal control to get rid of these that are destroying your garden or roof. Too bad, they look so cute! but yes, they are pests.
Anyway! Talking about the beaver, it was the first economical reason that moved Europeans to do businesses with the natives, because of the fur trade. Here some more info. 
But most importantly! Now I know the double meaning of BEAVER!!!! If I was a boy I would agree it's an amazing National symbol :-D

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