Saturday, February 18, 2012

BF at the time of FB

It still shock me, sometime, how now days personal communication become so impersonal, open and still less connected to people that really matter to us as it was before.
How many times we get ask to give updates and we simply reply: Don't worry, I'll write it on Facebook as soon as it happen!
but we're not anymore actually updating with our friends directly, if they happen to check the wall frequently they might get it, otherwise not. We end-up forgetting how we were used to take our time to talk directly to our relatives and friends and expect them to follow us on the net, as if we become suddenly some star that have fans following them. I'm guilty first then all, being in another country, forgetting to write personal e-mail updates, barely calling my relatives and friends. I still prefer to update in person when I go to see them, during the most of my travels.
Doing school always in another town and moving frequently because of work I become more and more independent and less involved with real people. I guess we're all better version of ourselves on the net.

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